Why Easy Publisher?

Fast results from action

Easy Publisher is a Content Management System (CMS) that will get your action driven web site up and running in record time, without any professional help. The unique advantage? This system is built specifically to help you make sales. Find out more here.

Build a landing page in minutes

Build a landing page for your Facebook or Instagram ads in minutes. Not sure of how to create content for sales? We've got your back! Check out our smart marketing tips videos and watch your sales take off!

Easy as pie

No more hairy plug-ins, no more constant security updates to keep track of. Only add content and your site will run smoothly and work for you, not against you. Order your new Easy Publisher web site and get up and running today!

Focus on the action

Most marketing today is more information driven than action driven. But it is the call to action that makes your potential customer act and buy from you. In addition, the new marketing puts "social first", i.e. your web site is the landing pad for your online social media efforts and rarely a 'first stop' on your potential client's journey to closing a deal. This agile marketing style demands an equally agile Content Management System.

Easy Publisher is a CMS built to make you sales. Your new web site will be action centric. It will be easy adaptable to your social media activity. Another main feature is that Easy Publisher is so easy to manage. Just add content and get your new web site up and running in record time. Make landing pages for your Facebook ads in minutes! You can do it yourself, even if you have no previous experience of web publishing. It's easy as pie! 

Get your new web site up and running today! ORDER HERE and build your own web site at what feels like warp speed compared to other Content Management Systems.

BONUS! All our Easy Publisher users have access to a special video library with tips and instructions for working with search engine optimization in content, call to actions, and many other tricks of the trade that could make your sales go through the roof. 

Look at our Easy Publisher demo web site to find out how it works!

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